Angel Number 1010: What It Means & What To Do when You See It

Angel Number 1010: What It Means & What To Do when You See It

You’re thinking about everything you need to do to get your new side hustle business up and running when you notice it’s 10:10 p.m. The next day, you go to take a coffee break at work and your order comes out to $10.10. Don’t panic if you’ve been spotting 1010 everywhere lately—it’s an incredibly positive … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

6 Easy Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

This wikiHow article teaches you how to convert a YouTube video into an MP3 audio file that you can download onto your computer or smartphone. There are many free online converters you can use to download YouTube videos as MP3 files, but because they’re often used to download copyrighted videos, they sometimes disappear from the … Read more

What Does Angel Number 333 Mean? Love, Spirituality, Finances, and More

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely because the number 333 seems to be popping up everywhere you look. Did your eyes happen to drift toward the clock at exactly 3:33? Maybe your morning coffee inexplicably cost $3.33. So, what does it mean that this number is following you around? If you’re seeing the angel … Read more

14 Things to Draw When You’re Bored

When you’re bored out of your mind, drawing is a quick and easy way to indulge in some creative fun. But what should you try to draw? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered if you’re short on inspiration. Whether you like drawing portraits, characters, landscapes, or something else, this list will help you find an … Read more

Is It Possible to Beat Google’s Impossible Tic Tac Toe?

Are you looking to hone your tic tac toe skills and challenge Google’s infamous Impossible mode? The truth is, Impossible tic tac toe is designed to be unbeatable—there’s no way to win outright. However, that doesn’t mean you have to lose either! You can easily ensure that you’ll never lose another tic tac toe game … Read more

How to Cut a Picture Mat

Mats are used in framing photographs and artwork to center the focus of the picture and give it a sense of spatial depth. The addition of a sleek, well-cut mat can greatly enhance the look of any framed picture, but having a mat cut and frame made commercially can sometimes cost more than the picture … Read more

How to Write With a Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy is writing style that has flourished over thousands of years in many different cultures around the world. Whether you are an artist, a writer or just a hobbyist, learning to write with a calligraphy pen is a valuable and rewarding skill Part1 Choosing a Calligraphy Pen Part 2 Putting Ink in the Pen and … Read more

How to Sign a Painting

Adding a signature to your painting will make it easier for people to identify you as the artist, even after your painting has been sold and moved around. The signature on your painting should be legible and clear without being a distraction. You want it to blend in and match the rest of your painting … Read more

How to Design a Playbill

Every level of theater performance—from a play at a local elementary school to Broadway productions—comes with a playbill. This pamphlet informs the audience about crucial elements of the play: its title and show dates, the names of the cast members and which character each plays, and a brief synopsis of the scenes or musical numbers … Read more

How to Create a 3D Model Using Design Software

This wikiHow teaches you how to make a 3D model using 3D design software. Digital 3D modeling (often referred to as CGI for computer graphics illustration, or CAD for computer aided design) is used in art, film and animation, and video game design, as well as architecture, engineering, and product design. There are lots of … Read more