Quick Guide: How to Successfully Become a Virtual Assistant

Ever since people were forced to work from home a few years ago, they were able to discover more work as virtual assistants. It is a very lucrative but also highly competitive job.

Not everyone can be a good virtual assistant and many often fail to understand the concept of virtual assistants and working from home.


If you want to become a virtual assistant, check out the guide below on how you can be a successful one.

Quick Guide: How to Successfully Become a Virtual Assistant
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What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual assistants are very versatile. They complete different tasks given to them by their clients. 

Quick Guide: How to Successfully Become a Virtual Assistant
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They are often the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to working online. 


Each task set by the client has a timeline and must be met before the set deadline. This is why it is always important to become an efficient virtual assistant. 

Here are some of the services that you can provide to your clients.

General Admin Work

Most virtual assistants do general administrative work on behalf of their clients. 


They usually answer phone calls, set up appointments, properly schedule meetings, and cater to the different needs of the business. 

They can also manage certain projects and many other tasks that their clients want them to fulfill.

Content Writing

Virtual assistants who have a background in writing can also provide content writing services to their clients. 

Most of the time, this is a separately paid job for virtual assistants who also do admin tasks. 

Many clients often hire content writers for the job but if you want to earn more, you can also declare that you have writing experience.

Customer Support

Some virtual assistants offer customer support services

They are often hired by businesses all over the world that want to have the best customer support representatives from other parts of the globe.

Data Entry

Data entry is usually all about collecting and processing data for business purposes. 

Virtual assistants that offer this service are tasked to analyze the information so the business can have more well-rounded data for critical decisions.

E-Commerce Management

E-commerce management is a specialized form of customer support

Virtual assistants who take on such tasks usually take orders from online stores, process them, and ensure that the orders are delivered on time. 

They also help customers find the tracking number for their orders and even provide updates on the delivery.

Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants play an important role in every business that hires them. 

Quick Guide: How to Successfully Become a Virtual Assistant
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They are the backbone of the business and many people. 

While they do play a critical role in the business, there are also benefits of being a virtual assistant that normal office employees don’t get to enjoy. 

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of being a virtual assistant.

Working From Home

If you’re an office employee who struggles to go to work every day, you might want to shift your career and become a virtual assistant. 

Almost all virtual assistants work within the confines of their homes

This makes it more convenient and they often have a stress-free lifestyle knowing they won’t get caught up in traffic or any other issues that normal employees have to go through every day.

Setting Your Own Rate

Virtual assistants get to set their own rates depending on their skill and experience. 

Many virtual assistants can negotiate their rates with their clients. 

They need to prove their skills and experience first but most of the time, virtual assistants can set a high rate as long as the client is willing to go there as well.


One of the best benefits of working as a virtual assistant is independence

There are no managers who always check up on you or anyone else breathing on your neck. 

You get to take a break at any time you want and most virtual assistants do not have to follow a shift as long as they can complete their tasks.

Saves Money

Being a virtual assistant also helps you save money from traveling

Since you’re already working from home, you avoid the stress and the cost of having to travel to and from work. 

You also get to save money from eating out for lunch since you can always cook your food.

How to Successfully Become a Virtual Assistant

Competition is quite stiff when it comes to getting a job as a virtual assistant now that people want to work from home. 

Quick Guide: How to Successfully Become a Virtual Assistant
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If you want to become a successful virtual assistant, you must have certain qualities that your clients will appreciate. 

These qualities will also help you become a successful virtual assistant.

Understanding Your Priorities

Virtual assistants often have a myriad of tasks to complete each day. 

You should be able to determine which tasks are important and should be your priorities and which tasks can be done at the end of the day. 

Being able to understand your priorities takes some experience to do but make sure that you already know how to do it.

Becoming a Self-Starter

Most of the time, clients trust you enough to do all of the given tasks and complete them on your own. 

Many virtual assistants struggle with this kind of setup especially if they are not used to it. 

Become a self-starter and find different resolutions on your own first before you take it up to your client.

Being Reliable

Another quality that many clients appreciate with their virtual assistants is their reliability

Be the employee that your clients can rely on, especially on critical tasks

Have the skills needed for different tasks so you can provide them with the services that they expect.

Attentive to Details

It is always a good quality for a virtual assistant to be very attentive especially when it comes to details. 

With so much work to be done within your shift, certain tasks require a lot of attention or have specific instructions

Make sure that you follow through with every instruction down to the minute details.

Good Communication

A good virtual assistant is a good communicator

Learn how to communicate your current work setup, how you feel about the tasks, how you can manage them, and many other things. 

By being open with your client, you create a safe and trusting work relationship which helps you become a successful virtual assistant.

Setting Up the Perfect Work Environment

Virtual assistants are required to have their own computers or laptops. 

Other clients often provide them with the proper equipment. 

Always make sure that you work in a conducive environment that is free from distraction. This will help your productivity.


To become a virtual assistant, you should always do your best to complete every task given to you at the end of the day. The work might be challenging at first but if you always do your best, you’ll soon learn that becoming a virtual assistant is the best career move that you’ve made.