How to Promote Your Art Online

Thanks to the meteoric rise of social media, promoting your art online is more important than ever. Though advertising your work on the web may seem complicated or unnerving, especially if you’re a more traditional artist, actually doing it is a fun and engaging process. Method 1 Increasing Your Online Presence Method 2 Networking Method … Read more

How to Write in Gothic Calligraphy

Gothic calligraphy is a style of beautiful hand lettering that’s been around since the Middle Ages.[1] The actual term for this type of calligraphy is “blackletter,” and while there are a number of variations, this form of writing is beautiful and ornate. Whether you’re addressing wedding envelopes or you’re just looking for a new hobby, learning … Read more

How to Do Digital Art on Your Phone

If you are an artist on the go, digital art apps let you create your next masterpiece anytime, anywhere. There are a number of digital art apps for both iPhone and Android that allow you to sketch, draw, or paint. Check out this list to find the best digital art app for your creative needs! … Read more

How to Set Up an Art Exhibition

Whether you’re displaying your own work or that of other artists, holding an art exhibition is a uniquely enriching experience. However, it can be a real challenge to bring together so many different elements in a cohesive and meaningful way. That’s why when you stage an art exhibition of your own, it’s essential to have … Read more

How to Write in Calligraphy

Calligraphy means “beautiful writing” in Greek and spans thousands of years and countless cultures. There are several styles, including Western, Eastern Asian, Southern Asian, and Islamic. All calligraphy uses the same basic principals to create beautiful lettering. If you want to practice the art of decorative handwriting, all you need to do is follow a … Read more

How to Identify a Painting

Learning more about a piece of famous art is easy, but identifying an unknown or obscure painting can be tricky. There are so many paintings in existence that the odds of finding information about a specific image can feel insurmountable. Luckily, you can dramatically narrow down your search by assessing the composition, subject matter, and … Read more