How to Prepare for and Enjoy an Amusement Park

Many people love amusement parks. If you’re planning an amusement park visit, planning ahead can be helpful to ensure that you and everyone in your group has a great time. This wikiHow will not only help you figure out how to plan an amusement park visit, but it will also teach you how to have a great time while you’re there.

Part 1

Planning Your Visit

  1. 1Do some research. Have you gone to this park before? If not, research beforehand. Make sure that there are attractions that you and anyone else visiting the amusement park with you will like. If there isn’t, consider a different amusement park.
  1. 2Buy your tickets ahead of time if you can. Make sure you know how much tickets cost and consider buying them beforehand. Some amusement parks may even offer discounts for purchasing tickets online or ahead of time in general.
  1. 3Find out the hours that the amusement park will be open when you plan to visit. Usually, an amusement park’s hours can be found on their website. Make a note of this, so you don’t end up arriving too early or too late.
  1. 4Consider staying on-site or nearby if you’re visiting the amusement park for more than one day. This way, you’ll likely have an easier time traveling to the park.
    • Sometimes, on-site hotels may offer a shuttle service or other park benefits that are meant for hotel guests. If you’re planning to stay on-site, research ahead of time to see if your hotel offers something like this.
  1. 5Have a plan. While it may seem tempting, riding rides in whatever order you feel like can mean you travel from one end of the park to the other many more times than is necessary, and your feet will be very sore as a result. To avoid this, get a park map and use it. Ride things in order, or at least ride everything you want to go on in one specific area of the park before moving on to another.



Deciding What to Wear

  1. 1Consider the weather. Around a week before your trip, search online for “Weather in _____(the name of the city where the amusement park is located)”. This should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect weather-wise and help you plan your outfit.
    • It’s a good idea to consider bringing a sweatshirt with you regardless of the forecasted weather, especially if you’ll be at the amusement park later in the day, in case it gets colder.
  1. 2Wear good shoes. Since you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking, flip flops aren’t the best idea to wear to an amusement park. Instead, choose comfortable shoes/sneakers that are easy to walk around in.
  1. 3Choose whether to wear a hat. In many cases, you won’t be allowed to wear your hat on rides (particularly rollercoasters), though it can provide you with some protection from the sun. You may also be able to buy one in the amusement park if you so choose.
  1. 4Consider tying up long hair. Hair past shoulder length can easily get tangled on a windy ride. Braids are recommended, as they stay closer to the head and don’t have loose hair like ponytails.
  1. 5Avoid wearing earrings. Many coasters can be rough, and you don’t want holes poked into the back of your head. Also, some earrings may get stuck in your hair or attire. However, if you really want to wear earrings, wear non-dangling ones such as studs or pearls.

Part 3

Choosing What to Bring

  1. 1Make sure you have a backpack/string bag. These can be helpful for carrying around everything you’ll need for your time in the amusement park.
  1. 2Take plenty of sunscreen. Especially in the summertime. Most of the ride lines will subject you to the elements, whatever they are.
  2. 3Bring snacks and water with you. Especially if you plan on spending the whole day in the park, having some snacks and water on hand can be helpful, since these may be expensive inside the park. [1]
    • Check the rules and regulations ahead of time, since many amusement parks have rules regarding bringing outside food and beverages into the park. If outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the park, see if you are allowed to keep these in your vehicle, so you can exit the park and then re-enter once you’re finished with your snacks and water. [2]
  1. 4Make sure that you have enough money on hand. Think ahead to the cost of amusement park tickets, where you’ll eat, and any souvenirs you or your group might want to purchase.
  1. 5Bring nausea-relieving pills with you if you think you’ll need them. If you have nausea but otherwise enjoy park rides, there should be nausea-relieving pills at your local drugstore or pharmacy. Take these beforehand. Unless you’re sure that you won’t be nauseous, it’s best to have these with you.
  2. 6Take rain ponchos with you. These can be expensive in the park[3] , and they are helpful in the event that it rains.
  3. 7Avoid overpacking. You’ll likely be carrying most of what you bring around in the backpack or string bag mentioned earlier, so try and avoid overpacking so that you aren’t carrying around too much.

Part 4

Enjoying Your Time in the Park

  1. 1Go on a weekday if possible. Weekends tend to be the busiest at amusement parks. If possible, try and visit during the week, particularly the middle of the week, which tends to not be as crowded. [4]
  1. 2Arrive early. If you want to catch the shortest ride wait times and escape the heat of the day, get to the park as early as possible. And people do arrive earlier so they can dash to their favorite rides as soon as possible.
  1. 3Pace yourself. Take a break from the coasters every once in a while, perhaps throwing in a train or gondola ride (these can also serve as great ways of getting around the park that don’t wear out your sneakers).
  1. 4Avoid forcing people to go on a ride, including you. Don’t force yourself or a friend to go on a certain ride, especially if you or your friend does not fit the criteria for the ride. If you are too short, weigh too much, have medical conditions or are pregnant, be careful about what rides you decide to go on.
  1. 5Wait to play games and purchase souvenirs until before you leave. This way, you won’t have to carry around a giant stuffed animal or a lot of bags for the whole day.

Community Q&A

  • Question: What is ideal for a teenager to pack to visit an amusement and water park?
  • Answer: Pack: Plastic bag for the phone, sunscreen, hat, water, money/credit. Maybe a jacket, comfortable pair of shoes and light snacks. A chapstick and comb might be helpful too.
  • Question: What should I pack in my pack?
  • Answer: Sunscreen and sunglasses (if it’s a sunny day), a snack if you don’t want to spend a lot on food, your phone, wallet/purse, and a water bottle. Don’t buy water at the parks, it’s expensive! Take one with you and fill it up at the drinking fountains. Optional things would be a waterproof cover if you plan on going on water rides, or on a rainy day, a plastic sandwich bag to put your phone and valuables in if you go on water rides, and a camera if your phone doesn’t have a decent one. If you plan on taking a disposable camera, don’t buy one at the theme park, as they’ll be very expensive.
  • Question: What should I wear and pack for a cold day?
  • Answer: Wear a coat, beanie, and scarf. If it’s really cold, bring gloves as well. Just make sure all of your accessories are secure while you’re going on rides so your hat doesn’t go flying, etc.
  • Question: How should I dress for water rides?
  • Answer: Wear something that dries out easily. No jeans or thick clothing, and definitely not white clothing, because it would be see-through. Your best bet would be some cloth shorts and something like a colored T-shirt. Remember that you can change after the ride if you want!
  • Question: Would I need to take spare clothes if there’s a ride that includes water?
  • Answer: It’s up to you, but most places with water rides have a drying station.
  • Question: What can I do to avoid being pressured onto a roller coaster?
  • Answer: Just stand your ground. Tell your friends/family that you’re not interested in riding the roller coaster and you’re not going to change your mind. You could always say you get motion sickness.
  • Question: Is it a good idea to wear white pants at the park? I am not going on a water ride.
  • Answer: It is not a good idea. If you going to eat at the theme park and your a messy eater you could get your pants dirty. Also, you will be sitting in a lot of different places and there is the risk of sitting in something and getting your white pants dirty.
  • Question:Is it okay to wear a skirt/dress to a theme park? If so, what length is best?
  • Answer: Yes, it’s perfectly fine to do this if you prefer a skirt/dress. If you plan on riding more extreme rides, wear something underneath or just go for pants. If you prefer slower rides or just go for the entertainment, any reasonable length is fine. Always wear comfortable shoes for walking around all day.