How to Perform and Read an Egg Cleanse

When your energy is off, you can feel it: you might be in a funk, or experiencing some bad luck. An egg cleanse can help you get rid of that negative energy and feel like yourself again. In this article, we’ll tell you how to perform an egg cleanse as well as how to interpret one. Read more to learn how you can use an egg cleanse on yourself or on a loved one today.

What is an egg cleanse?

  1. An egg cleanse is a way to get rid of negative spiritual energy.There are many variations of the egg cleanse, and it has roots in ancient cultures all over the world, including Mesoamerica, Greece, and Scotland. Today, people use egg cleanses to rid themselves or their loved ones of bad or toxic energy that might be weighing them down.[1]
    • You might do an egg cleanse if you’re feeling unlucky, sad, or even just a bit “off.”
    • You can do an egg cleanse on yourself, or you can do it on someone else.

How to Do an Egg Cleanse

  1. 1Cleanse the egg in saltwater and lemon juice.Cleaning the egg rids it of any negative energy it might have already collected. Add a spoonful of salt to a glass of water, then add a squeeze of lemon juice. Gently wash the egg in the water, saying a prayer of your choice. Rinse the egg in clean water, then dry it gently with a towel.[2]
    • Cleansing the egg is optional, but many spiritual leaders recommend it.
  1. 2Fill a glass up with room-temperature water.Grab a clear glass and fill it about 1/4 of the way full with tap water. Let the water warm up to room temperature for a few minutes before you start your egg cleanse.[3]
  1. 3Set an intention with the egg before the cleanse.Get your egg and hold it in your hands, letting it warm up just slightly. Blow or speak your intention onto the egg, mentioning any negative energy or toxicity that you’d like to get rid of with this cleanse.[4] You could say something like:
    • “With this cleanse, I will rid myself of bad energy.”
    • “After this cleanse, I will no longer be cursed with bad luck.”
  1. 4Run the egg over your head, ears, and face.Start by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position, holding the egg in one hand. Rub the egg along the back of your head, then move it around your ears and your face. Close your eyes to rub the egg along your eyelids, then rub it on your lips, too.[5]
    • If you’d like to set the mood a bit more, turn off the lights and light a candle.
    • Focus on releasing any negative energy into the egg. Eggs pull out and absorb bad energy from your body.
  1. 5Move the egg down your body, running it along yourself.Go from head to toe, imagining the egg pulling out the negative energy from yourself. Move the egg in small, clockwise circles to release any bad energy. You can say a prayer of your choice while you do this, or you can simply keep your mind blank.[6]
    • If you’re doing an egg cleanse on someone else, carefully run the egg along their body in small circles. Move from head to toe slowly and keep them calm so you can focus on releasing negative energy.
    • If the egg breaks at all during the cleaning, start over with a new egg.
  1. 6Crack the egg into the glass of water.Once the egg cleanse is complete, grab your water from earlier and carefully crack the egg into it, trying to keep the yolk all in one piece. Let the egg settle for 5 to 10 minutes so you can look into the water and interpret your results.[7]
    • The results of your egg cleanse will tell you how much bad energy you were experiencing, and they may even be able to show you what caused your negative vibes.

How to Read an Egg Cleanse

  1. Look through the glass, not down into it.After you let the egg settle, place the glass on a table or counter so you can see straight into it. Check out the shape of the yolk, the shape of the egg whites, and the color of the water. Then, you can interpret what they’re telling you based on the guidelines below.[8]
  1. Smelly water or blood means there may be evil spirits around you.Blood or water that smells bad is a good indication that someone has used magic against you. It could also mean that you have an illness or a disease that you haven’t discovered yet.[9]
    • Do a second egg cleanse to rid yourself of evil spirits completely.
    • If you’re worried about an unknown disease or illness, make an appointment with your doctor.
  1. Bubbles mean that negative energy was absorbed into the egg.Bubbles within the water or the egg whites mean that your cleansing ritual was a success. It could also mean that you’ve been experiencing gas or indigestion, usually due to stress.[10]
    • If you are seeing large bubbles or balloons in the water, it means the egg absorbed a lot of negative energy. This may be a sign that you need to do a second cleansing ritual to fully rid yourself of your negative energy.
  1. Cobwebs in the whites mean you may have had an evil eye placed upon you.There may also be tiny brown specks in the water or in the egg yolk. This is another sign that you should do a second cleansing ritual to fully rid yourself of the evil eye.[11]
    • Cobwebs can also be an indication that you’re tangled up in a confusing situation that’s causing you distress.
  1. Needles or spikes mean there are people around you with bad intent.They may be “energy vampires,” sucking away your positive energy and leaving you with only bad vibes. Or, they’re just hoping that you don’t succeed or reach your goals.[12]
  1. Seeing a face in the yolk means that you have an enemy.They might envy you or be thinking negatively about you. Try to interpret who the egg looks like, since that will give you some insight into who is causing you distress.[13]
  1. Clear water means you had no negative energy.If the water and the egg are completely normal-looking, there was no negative energy to pull from your body. Your feelings may be due to something else, but you don’t need to do another egg cleanse.[14] If you’re worried about your results, you can take action to remove negative energy and make positive changes. Use one of wikiHow’s expert courses to take control of your life and get rid of any negative energy you find in your egg cleanse:


Community Q&A

Question: I did my cleansing I saw three interpretations.1. Bubbles on the water 2. Cobwebs 3. Needles or spikes. I would like to know in this aspect what does it means and what should I do next?

Answer: The bubbles represent negative energy that has been absorbed into the egg. You will most likely have to do another cleansing. 2.The cobwebs mean 2 things: a) it means you have an evil eye placed upon you may have to cleanse again or b) you might be caught up in some emotional state. 3.The spikes/needles mean that people around you have bad intent.


  • When you’re done interpreting your egg cleanse, you can throw the egg and the water into the trash or flush it down the toilet.