5 Simple Steps to Cancel Your Six Flags Membership

As a highly renowned amusement park chain in the United States, Six Flags offers memberships that allow visitors to enjoy its numerous locations. However, there may come a time when you no longer wish to retain your Six Flags membership. Luckily, the process of canceling a Six Flags membership is straightforward, regardless of the type of membership you have (note that season passes are not considered memberships and are non-refundable). This wikiHow article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Six Flags membership.


Access the Six Flags membership cancellation page

. Six Flags has streamlined the membership cancellation process by providing a dedicated online form specifically designed for this purpose. Simply visit the website to initiate the cancellation procedure. [1]

  1. Ensure that you qualify for cancellation. As outlined atop the cancellation page, there are certain restrictions on cancelling a Six Flags membership:
    • You must be the primary owner of the account.
    • You cannot have any outstanding payments remaining on your account.
    • You must have had your membership for at least 12 months. Cancelling before 12 months still leaves you on the hook for however many monthly payments remain, so there is really no use in cancelling just yet.
  1. 3Fill in your account number and last name. Your account number is 9 digits long and appeared on your initial receipt when purchasing your membership.
    • Because the number is unique to you, it indicates your exact membership type (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc.).
    • If you can’t find your account number (or confirmation ID), click the “Lookup Confirmation ID” button at the bottom of the page to find your number. All you need is the email address associated with your account.
  1. 4Click “Begin Cancellation.” It’s the big green button at the bottom of the page. Six Flags will email you a confirmation of your cancellation within 48 hours, so long as you meet the criteria for cancellation.
    • The confirmation email will include a rundown of the request’s submission date, any remaining monthly payments, and the day of deactivation. You may continue to use your membership up until this final date.
    • A cancellation does not include a refund of any kind, and may still include one more monthly payment. If you feel you are entitled to a refund, or do not want to pay the remaining charges, call customer service at your local park and negotiate a refund.
    • A customer service representative may reach out to you if there is any holdup in cancelling your membership. Be sure to respond promptly so your cancellation can be completed before you are charged again, as Six Flags may not forgive the next payment.
  1. 5Open the cancellation confirmation email and confirm the cancellation. Submitting the request form is not the final step in cancelling your Six Flags membership. You still need to click the big red Cancel Account button embedded at the bottom of the email from Six Flags. Your membership is now canceled.
    • Cancelling a Six Flags membership is irreversible, so be sure you want to go through with it. You can always pause your membership instead.
    • You can still create a new Six Flags membership at any time.


  • Time your cancellation properly to avoid any additional monthly charges. The Six Flags cancellation policy states that you must submit the request 15 days prior to your next payment to avoid that additional charge.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Six Flags membership policy. Many subscribers claim to have received a cancellation confirmation from Six Flags that includes 1-2 remaining charges, which are determined by an older policy that states you are responsible for any charges within the next 45-60 days after your date of cancellation. Because the policy states you only need to cancel 15 days prior to your next payment, you should be able to cite this when arguing your case on the phone.
  • If you need to contact Six Flags via phone, be sure to call your local Six Flags park. While Six Flags does have a company-wide customer service line, it is specific to the online store and will not be able to assist you with any membership-related issues. You can also fill out an online contact form here.
  • If you do want to cancel just parts of your membership (such as a dining or Flash pass), just discuss this over the phone with a customer service representative, who will walk you through the necessary steps for cancellation. Keep in mind each membership tier includes different benefits, and may therefore face different obstacles/fees in canceling individual parts.