How to Predict the Weather Without a Forecast


Generally, most of us rely on forecasts to tell us what kind of weather to expect. However, it is possible to predict the weather using your skills of observation and knowledge of weather patterns. Not only can predicting the weather be a fun hobby, it can also be a useful skill if you enjoy outdoor activities, such … Read more

Easy Ways to Use Google Translate on Desktop and Mobile


Did you come across a language you don’t understand? Whether you’re learning something new or want quick information, you can use Google Translate to translate text into a language you know. You can translate pages in a document, a block of text, handwriting, or even audio on the desktop website. The Translate app has similar … Read more

How to Use Blooket

How to Use Blooket

Blooket is an educational platform that allows students to play games and answer questions. Similar to Gimkit, Kahoot, and Quizizz, it makes education fun through gamification. This article will teach you the basic ins and outs of Blooket. Steps Part1 Using the Blooket Homepage Part2 Playing and Making Blooket Games Part3 Finding Which Blooks You … Read more