Angel Number 1010: What It Means & What To Do when You See It

You’re thinking about everything you need to do to get your new side hustle business up and running when you notice it’s 10:10 p.m. The next day, you go to take a coffee break at work and your order comes out to $10.10. Don’t panic if you’ve been spotting 1010 everywhere lately—it’s an incredibly positive number that means you’re on the cusp of some major breakthroughs. In this article, we’ll show you what 1010 means in different areas of your life like love, money, and spirituality, as well as walk you through the best things to do to accomplish your goals in life. Trust us, this lucky number is 10s across the board!

Things You Should Know

  • Angel number 1010 means you’re on the right path toward spiritual enlightenment. Trust your intuition and listen to the higher powers for guidance.
  • Seeing 1010 means you’re about to deepen your connection to your partner or twin flame, or meet them for the first time if you haven’t already.
  • 1010 is a sign of financial prosperity as well as protection from God against evil.
  • When you see 1010, make a concrete plan for accomplishing your goals and go for them with an optimistic attitude.


  1. Seeing 1010 means you’re on the right path toward spiritual growth.It’s a reminder from your guardian angels (or the universe, or God, or whichever power you believe in) to stay optimistic and confident in yourself, because your choices are leading you to a bright future. Trust that the angels have your back and that success, abundance, and prosperity are on the horizon.[1]
    • Think of 1010 as a sign that you’ll be rewarded for your hard spiritual or personal work. It could be a romantic, financial, or other exciting reward.


  1. 1010 is a reminder to trust your intuition and listen to higher powers.Go with your gut when it comes to making big decisions or feeling out a new opportunity. Focus on moving forward and getting out of your comfort zone rather than sticking to your usual ways. Your instinctive feelings are actually the angels communicating with you about your best course of action.[2]
    • Angel number 1010 asks you to be self-aware and appreciate your feelings of hope, independence, and self-guidance.

Love & Relationships

  1. Seeing 1010 means your relationship will ascend to a higher level.Things may be getting more serious with your partner, and seeing 1010 is a reminder to listen to your heart and make plans for your future together. Let yourself be more romantic with your partner and express your feelings more freely. The more you open up, the deeper and more lasting your relationship will be.
    • Seeing 1010 could mean a new phase in your relationship, like getting engaged, moving in together, or having a child together, is on its way.
  1. Seeing 1010 might mean it’s time for unhealthy relationships to end.If you see 1010 after an argument with your partner or while reflecting on your unhappiness in a relationship, evaluate whether you really love the person and if the relationship is beneficial to your goals and well being. If it’s not, you may need to break things off in order to move forward and grow as a person.
  1. For single people, 1010 is a sign that your soulmate is close by.Stay open to romantic possibilities with unlikely people. Your true love could be a stranger you meet by chance in the coming weeks, or somebody you’ve known for years that you’ve never considered as more than a friend until now. Trust your intuition, and don’t ignore your feelings based on who you’re “supposed” to be attracted to.
    • 1010 is a sign that your true love is near. However, it’s up to you to determine whether that’s the person you’re already with or whether it’s someone new.
    • Remember, angel numbers don’t operate on a specific schedule. You may meet your new partner the same day as seeing 1010, or not until months later.

Twin Flames

  1. Angel number 1010 means you’ll meet or reunite with your twin flame.If you haven’t connected with your twin flame—the person who mirrors your soul and will help you grow spiritually—then a 1010 sighting could mean you’re already on the path to meeting them. The angels want you to meet, so take 1010 as a strong sign that your union is imminent.
    • If you’ve been separated from your twin flame (physically or emotionally), 1010 could mean you’re bound to reunite very soon.
    • You might’ve met your twin flame without realizing it. Look at your relationships with fresh eyes, and trust your gut if you feel drawn toward anyone.

Money & Career

  1. 1010 is a number of wealth and abundance when it comes to finances.The 1 symbolizes new opportunities while the 0 represents limitless possibilities, meaning you’ve got endless options for improving your financial status. Your reward can come in various forms—you could win the lottery or receive an inheritance, or you might finally land your dream job or get a raise.[3]
    • Seeing 1010 is also a gentle warning to be careful with your money. Budget wisely and be generous with gifts and donations to avoid becoming spoiled.

In the Bible

  1. Biblically, 1010 is a sign that God has good plans for you.In Christianity, 1 is symbolic of new beginnings and 0 stands for infinity or endlessness. Together, they can mean that God will supply you with all the skills and resources you need to overcome challenges. This is especially important in the biblical battle of good versus evil. Even though you may get tempted to sin or feel too weak to carry on, God and the angels will support you no matter what.[4]
    • When you see 1010, take it as a reminder to live a good life and share positivity to take part in the fight against evil.
    • Some view 1010 as a symbol of God’s protection against evil forces.


  1. The number 1010 combines the energies of 1 and 0.In numerology, 1 symbolizes new beginnings and the motivation for change and creation. It’s a forward-looking number that brings positivity and happiness. The number 0 represents infinity, oneness, wholeness, and divine creative energy.[5]
    • The number 0 is also a magnifying number that amplifies the energy of the number 1.
    • When combined, these numbers vibrate with the potential to help you achieve your most important goals and graduate to a higher level of spiritual knowledge.

What To Do

  1. Approach your projects with a good attitude and stay optimistic.Seeing 1010 is a reminder that the angels are guiding you toward something great, so trust that the future is bright and look forward to it! Tend to your work, goals, and relationships with positivity. Even if something doesn’t go according to plan, consider that it wasn’t meant to be and that you now have space to accept a new opportunity.[6]
    • Remember, you can’t control what life throws at you. Instead of fearing what comes next, think about the future calmly and stay open minded to new things.
  1. Get outside of your comfort zone and try new things.The universe is asking you to stretch yourself a bit when you see 1010. Make an effort to do things that scare you, to meet new people, and to try new hobbies or activities. By embracing the new and unexpected, you open yourself up to making connections and having experiences that will nourish your spirit as you work toward your higher purpose.
    • Try not to overthink what to do or try next. Just follow your intuition about what seems interesting or exciting and go for it!
    • Think of every new skill or experience you acquire as a way to learn more about yourself. How did it make you feel? What will you carry with you from it?
  1. Create concrete plans for how to achieve your goals.The angels are letting you know you’re on the right track with 1010, but they cannot achieve success for you. Take 1010 as a reminder of your skill and competence, then brainstorm exactly what you need to do to tackle your goals. Look at the big picture and write out the smaller steps you need to take to keep making progress, then hold yourself accountable to your action plan.[7]
    • Believe in yourself! You have the skills you need to build the life you want, you just have to trust yourself to make it happen and put in the effort.
  1. Take time to manage your physical and emotional health.To grow as a person, consider where you’re spending your mental and emotional energy. Let go of negative thoughts, draining relationships, or bad habits that keep you from reaching your potential and believing in yourself. This creates space for spiritual growth, self care, and a deeper understanding of yourself.
    • Prioritize exercise and a nutritious diet to nourish your body, too. A healthy body can help you feel at peace in your mind and vice versa.
    • Look for a sustainable balance between your needs and obligations to others. When you care for yourself, you’re better able to care for others, too.


  • Remember, there’s no negative meaning of 1010. You may experience some uncomfortable changes after seeing it, but they will always lead you to more rewarding and fulfilling experiences.

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